M.Ed Teaching Staff

M.Ed degree programme with an annual intake of 50 Students

(NCTE’s Recognition Order No. F.SRO/NCTE/APSO7627/B.Ed/TN/2014-15/63928/Dt.05.05.2015)

Name Date of birth Date of joining Educational qualifications Subjects University’s Approval Ref.No.
1 Dr.J.Mary Caroline 27.05.1967 01.08.2013 M.Sc,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.
FMPB Advanced
Educational Psychology
TNTEU/R/ QA/ M.Ed./ CC12018/2016-17/1870 Dated 20.12.2016
SMPB Advanced
Techniques of Instruction
5 Mr.S.Lucas 08.02.1974 01.08.2016 M.Sc,M.Ed.M.Phil FMPC Curriculum
Design and Development
TNTEU/R/ QA/ M.Ed./ CC12018/2016-17/1870 Dated 20.12.2016
SMSA Planning and administration
of Secondary Education
6 Mrs.J.Madhubala 18.07.1985 01.08.2016 M.Sc,M.Ed.M.Phil FMPA Historical and Political
Economy of Education in India
SMPA Philosophical and Sociological
Perspectives in Education
7 Mrs.A.FreidaVinnarasy 20.02.1984 01.08.2016 M.Sc,M.Ed.M.Phil FMSB Early Childhood Care and Education
8 Ms.M.Reka 12.05.1989 01.08.2016 M.Sc,M.Ed. FMTC Basics in Educational Research
SMTC Advanced Educational Research and Statistics
9 Mrs.A.Jenita Arockia Mary 11.04.1979 01.08.2016 M.Sc,M.Ed. FMTE Teacher Education in India: Elementary Level
SMTE Teacher Education in India: Secondary Level
10 Ms.A.Dayana Cathrin Ruba 31.07.1984 01.08.2016 M.Sc,M.Ed FMSC Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at Elementary Level
SMSC Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment at Secondary Level