Counselling is best served to our students in different ways. Academic counselling is given dividing the students into groups under the guidance of a staff. The staff will take care of the student from the admission till the end of the course. Personal counselling is given by our committee members in the time of personal assistance required.

Counselling cell Committee

1. Fr.Dr.S.Joseph Lionel
2. Dr.J.Mary Caroline
3. Mr.A.Gnanadickadoss
4. Mrs.S.Jeya 
5. Rev.Sr.Geetha, SAT


John De Britto College of Education is one among many institutions of “The Diocese of Tanjore Society” the diocese of Tanjore (Thanjavur) was bifurcated from the Arch diocese of Chennai- Mylapore on 23rd November 1952, and was erected as a new diocese.


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