Objectives & Values

Motto : Learn, Live, Lead

Learn : Wisdom, Knowledge and Love

Live   :  Human and Christian values as proud Indian

Lead  : Society, in Leadership of Education and morality

Objectives and values

  • To inculcate Christian values such as love, forgiveness, justice and brotherhood.
  • To form as inspiring leaders and patriot of the nation.
  • To form collegiality and collaboration through group works.
  • To stand with society in unity in respective of religious, social, economical,cultural and linguistic disparities.
  • To create committed competent, creative, compassionate and conscious human agents.
  • To help to become excel in communication and skills.
  • To grow in potency with Initiative and self-confidence showing developed personality.
  • To provide stimulating learning environment with technological orientation.
  • To improve scholarly research, and technology using modern science.
  • To encourage extensive reading to become integrated persons.
  • To enhance the effective and efficient management sustaining care and support.
  • To ensure to meet the challenges of education, work and life.


John De Britto College of Education is one among many institutions of “The Diocese of Tanjore Society” the diocese of Tanjore (Thanjavur) was bifurcated from the Arch diocese of Chennai- Mylapore on 23rd November 1952, and was erected as a new diocese.


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