Out Reach Programme

Social Work

Water Conservation

Through our community outreach programme students visit villages to clean ponds and educate people about rain water harvesting and other water conservation methods.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Through our social work we teach how to keep our surrounding clean and hygienic in order to protect us from spread of disease.

Medical Camp

Physical Fitness Checkup

Periodical medical camp organized by the college helps the community to stay physically fit so that there is a healthy society in our country.

Blood Donation

Blood donation is a noble act. Occasional blood donation camp helps to meet the needs during emergency situations and save lives.

Village Visits

Citizenship Camp

Citizenship camp is organized by the college in villages around Thanjavur in collaboration with local bodies, NGOs, and government officials. Cleanliness, education of children, school dropouts, clean water, healthy food habits, women's health, family welfares are top priorities during this awareness camp.

Education Day

Our college students visit villages along with the staff to celebrate Education awareness day. Through cultural events and film shows we create awareness about necessity of education for modern India. Through family visits, school dropouts are identified and motivated to continue education.



Awareness rally was organized to conscientize the bad effects of using plastic. People are motivated to avoid using plastic in order to conserve nature.

Dengue Awareness

People were given awareness about Aedes mosquitos that cause dengue fever. This type of mosquito is formed in water in coconut shells, tires, etc. After creating awareness among the people, together with people our students cleaned every possible cause for breeding mosquitos. Furthermore, nilavembu kudineer, a herbal drink was given to boost immunity among people.


John De Britto College of Education is one among many institutions of “The Diocese of Tanjore Society” the diocese of Tanjore (Thanjavur) was bifurcated from the Arch diocese of Chennai- Mylapore on 23rd November 1952, and was erected as a new diocese.


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