Women welfare

Healthy women is the wealth of the nation is the motto of our college. Having most of the students as women students, number of them married also, the college caters them. The awareness of health program is arranged frequently with the help of medical team. Competitions of speech, writings, and debate is conducted to understand the gift of Being a mother, patriotic women and future builders of our Indian society.

Women welfare

  • Dr.J.Mary Caroline Principal
  • Mrs.C.Alice Madhu Sheela
  • Mrs.T.Dennis Mary
  • Mrs.S.Jeya
  • Mrs.C.Arulsanthi
  • Mrs.V.Jamuna

    John De Britto College of Education is one among many institutions of “The Diocese of Tanjore Society” the diocese of Tanjore (Thanjavur) was bifurcated from the Arch diocese of Chennai- Mylapore on 23rd November 1952, and was erected as a new diocese.


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